Chicken 'n the Sea

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What happens when you cross a Rhode Island Red chicken with a vintage nautical knit suit from St. John?

IMG_7059 2.jpg

This chicken feather hat goes with just about everything.

I would go as far to say this feathered-hair-hat is a neutral. :-)

Seamed stockings… as usual.

Seamed stockings… as usual.


Suddenly, I am feeling like I want some tuna!

Chicken of the Sea, perhaps? :-)

See you next time, beautiful people.


Gabriala Brown

OUTFITSweater Suit: Vintage St. John  Shoes: Marni  Earrings: Vintage CHANEL Bag: Prada

Hidden in Black and White

by Gabriala Brown from Style Higher™

Hello Beautiful People!

It is a gorgeous day in Atlanta.

I hope it is lovely where you are too. :-)

Today I am wearing a vintage, 50's, velvet dress, and my favorite old floppy hat. 

I'm still loving my fingerless gloves and what can I say about these shoes from Michael Kors?

I'm head over heels...

The 1950's necklace and earrings are a matching set made of white milk glass and rhinestones. 

The 1950's necklace and earrings are a matching set made of white milk glass and rhinestones. 

The kitten heel here makes these shoes so comfortable, I can't believe it.

In fact, the moment I stepped into these shoes I knew we were made for each other.

They were comfortable from the beginning.

Can you remember the last time you tried on pair of shoes that fit so well, right from the start?

The bag is by Brighton and this is the second time I have pulled it out of the box... in 8 years.

The bag is by Brighton and this is the second time I have pulled it out of the box... in 8 years.

That is all for today my lovelies, see you next time!

Gabriala Brown

Wednesday Brown & Black

by Gabriala Brown from Style Higher™

Long time no see, beautiful people! :-)

Covered in a vintage 80's camel wool coat with a fox fur collar added for soft expression. I am feeling cozy today.

Covered in a vintage 80's camel wool coat with a fox fur collar added for soft expression. I am feeling cozy today.

Fingerless gloves that I am currently mad for.

Fingerless gloves that I am currently mad for.

Wearing a 60's black wiggle dress, CHANEL 1970 necklace, old gold rings, and Sergio Rossi tiger print hair calf pumps.

Wearing a 60's black wiggle dress, CHANEL 1970 necklace, old gold rings, and Sergio Rossi tiger print hair calf pumps.

That's all for today, beautiful people.

Until next time,

Gabriala Brown

P.S. Thank you to MTR for inspiring this post! xoxo

Friday Delight: Favorite Spring Shoe (Sensible)

by Gabriala Brown from Style Higher™

From the Marni 2014 Spring Collection, this is my most beloved shoe now for obvious reasons.

Marni did a similar shoe in 2013, and I fell in love with it, but the heel was 4 inches tall, so I had to decline.

I need wearable lovely shoes because I am on my feet when serving my guests.

Then Marni somehow got my subliminal message/need and a fantastic, low heeled, sensible shoe showed itself on the runway.

In my favorite (neutral) gold and silver...

You can see from the boxy toe area that these cannot get any more comfortable.

My toes feel so 'free' in these.

The heel is snug and the Mary-Jane strap locks my foot in (I need a strap to prevent slippage).

The designers are being kind to our feet right now ladies. :-)

They have given us some relief from the stiletto and constriction of the pointed toe.

I am taking advantage and wearing these low heeled, back saving, toe-tapping, modest pumps as much as possible.

Here are a few other lovelies that will keep you stepping in sensible comfort:

Have a beautiful weekend everyone and stay comfortable in your steps.

See you next time,

Gabriala Brown


Please Note: If you click one of those little shoes and end up pulling out your wallet and buying a pair, I will get a commission. :-)

Friday Acquisition - 1940's Crepe Silk Dress

by Gabriala Brown from Style Higher™

Crepe silk, rayon and the infamous metal zipper.

Excellent condition… appears to have never been worn.

I am smitten when I can discover a hidden treasure like this (and the plaid on the trim, neckline, sleeves, and hem coordinate perfectly with the Tooth Soap® bottles). :-)

It was like a match made in heaven I tell you.

This dress is even the perfect size and length.

It's like it has been sitting in a closet, waiting patiently for me for over 70 years.

This dress sans the plaid trim will get more wear, so I plan on doing frock surgery when I get it to remove the plaid.

Are you a vintage lover too?

Vintage finds like this and more can be found at GidgetteBardot, Purveyors of Pretty, Quirky, & Eclectic Vintage.

Shoe Shine: Metallic Fluevog Miracle Pumps with Old, Pilled, Beige Foot Covers

by Gabriala Brown from Style Higher™

I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of my shiny Fluevog Miracles for Bella

And the old, pilly, textured, beige socks just make it all the better.

What's that you say?

You don't like the 8 year old foot frocks?

Makes me want to wear them all the more.

I'm a bit of a rebel with a great appreciation for exclusivity.  :-)

See you next time beautiful people,

Gabriala Brown

The Love Diet™

by Gabriala Brown from Style Higher™

It has been some time since my last post. I have been reflecting for months.


It is no secret that I have been through a lot of challenges my entire life, and especially the last decade.

Some of what happened was so difficult I wish I could forget it forever, but at the same time, I am glad I went through it because each incident brought more and issues to the surface that needed to be dealt with. 

Some problems floated to the top like congealed fat from a cold roast. There was no escaping or denying it. Trauma had occurred and it had permeated my being. I was full of negativity, no matter how positive I tried to be.

For the record, I do not like negative anything. Life is too short, you know?

Yesterday, at around 11:00 am, I had an epiphany that I could heal myself from past hurts by doing one simple thing and doing it consistently. I really believed I could deal with some deeply imbedded old pain and patterns with a simple, four letter word.

For most of us that have survived difficulties, we can trace it back to a maternal bond that was broken somehow, or to an adult that was intrusive in our lives when we were young. As children, we can only cope with the trauma so well on our own. It leaves a hole in the soul for many, only to be filled with negative things that do not facilitate any type of healing.

It doesn't occur to us as children that we should fill that hole with something that will heal it. We don't have the thought processes at a young age to know how to cope in a healthy way, so we develop habits. We find ways to cope with that particular painful shattering time or times in our childhood. Then we take that pattern and live it… and eventually project it onto others in the world. These projections happen in the home, in friendships and in the workplace, and all of us are greatly affected by them, regardless if we understand or acknowledge them.

I began to realize how so many of us are just projecting constantly onto each other. A complaint is a mere projection. People are mirrors that reflect our issues. Marriages and close relationships are two projectors shining on each other. If there are holes in our personality due to breakage in our world as young children, the people closest to us are the ones who receive the most projection of that emptiness, that yearning, that desire to fill that painful hole. The projections are not obvious though. They are disguised in many behaviors, sometimes insidious. 

What are we to do? Spend years of time and thousands of dollars in psychotherapy?

Some choose that option.

Others cannot get to a place where they see their part.  They live their lives blaming others for what happened. Those that don't have the inner vision to see that they are in charge of most everything, will continue through life just as they are.

The crack in the psyche can only be filled with healthy self love. That is the only answer.

I am the only one who is with me constantly, sending myself messages, directing the ship, guiding everything along the way.  If I cannot give myself unconditional and 100% accepting love, no one will be able to do it for me.

If I am not for myself, who will be?

This is what led me to realize I needed to go on a serious diet. I needed The Love Diet™.

Since we are all basically projecting ourselves onto each other anyway, why not put ourselves on a certain diet so we can fill ourselves with a particular thing, a new projection, thus projecting that onto the world instead of the infantile coping mechanisms we developed as children?

But we are dealing with coping skills developed as children; they cannot be changed so readily. It is almost as though we need to go back to the time when we were children, right around the time of breaking, and just love ourselves to the point of exhaustion. There literally needs to be a smothering of love, like in the womb. Why not use self love as the healing tool? Something must fill that place; the only true medicine that can heal the spot, while being healthy to project onto others out in the world is love.

Beautiful people, many of us need to go on The Love Diet™. That is what I decided is the answer here. :-)

For example, if you want to lose weight, you go on a diet.

If you choose a 'high protein diet' and consume lots of protein, in a short amount of time, weight loss will be noticeable.

Another diet that is low-fat will also work to shed the pounds.

It has been my experience that one can lose weight different ways, all that needs to be done is sticking to the diet!

The key to success in dieting is sticking to the diet, it is as simple as that.

With The Love Diet™ you will be consuming love, love, love. You will eat love for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You will snack on love with The Love Diet™. But you will never get sick of it because no human can tire of a good dose of self love. No one can tire of a good hug of the inner child.

So what benefit would The Love Diet™ have on you?

Imagine being enveloped in lovingkindness 24/7.

Imagine hearing nice words being spoken to yourself all the time.

Imagine hearing the word 'yes' to all things that are good for you.

Imagine relieving a lot of stress in your life and being able to handle upsets whenever you want and being loved in the process.

Imagine having strength to say no to things that don't benefit you or your life and saying yes to the goods things that make you feel excellent.

Imagine responding differently to everything in your life and getting a different response from others as well.

Imagine love coming out of your ears, eyes, nose, mouth and pores.

Imagine layers and layers of bright shiny love!

These are just a few of the things that will happen if you try The Love Diet™.

So how do I follow The Love Diet™?

It is really simple actually.

You will need three things:

1.  A calendar that you can put stickers on.

2.  Motivational stickers and stars.

3.  A commitment to apply self-love techniques for at least 30 days.

The calendar and stickers are juvenile for a reason. We have to go back in time for a while to make some new grooves on the record of the mind. We have to return to that little child and fill any holes with intense love of self that will eventually be greater than the fear, phobias and negativity that filled the hole in the beginning. We need to break the walls around us that were created through the years. The kind of self love we are shooting for is the kind that is nurturing, giving, protecting, totally safe and warm.

When we give ourselves that self love we need so desperately, we will be rewarded.

The first reward is a STICKER.

Don't laugh… I actually looked forward to my stickers today!

The following are considered just a few examples of self-love techniques and when you perform them, you are allowed to put a sticker on your daily calendar!  :-)

1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

2. Look at yourself in the mirror, say how beautiful you look today and how wonderful it feels to be alive. Love the wrinkles.

3. Stop thoughts when they go down a negative path. Love and negativity don't mix well at all, so replace the negative with love and the sticker is yours.

4. Eat a meal with 70% living foods. This is definitely self love and deserving of a beautiful sticker.

5. When thinking of past mistakes, feel the self love by rushing to thoughts of gratitude for lessons learned. Self love must push regrets to the surface to be skimmed off.

6. Do your taxes with love or any other paperwork you have been putting off. Why is this self love? Because, anytime you do something that will alleviate stress, you are performing an act of self love. When we procrastinate, we are not involved in self love. The nagging procrastination is actually stressful and remember, we are on The Love Diet™ here.

7. Responding to someone with love is self love. If we respond in anger, we hurt only ourselves. 

8. Taking a walk, or run or some form of body movement or exercise is self love for sure. But excess working out and continuing to exercise through pain to achieve an image that was projected on to you by society is not loving at all. 

9. Making a list of things you need to do and checking it off as you go is self love. Anytime you make your life easier and are organized, you are in a loving position with yourself. 

10. Say no to a thing you know is not benefitting you. Replace it with a loving option. Refuse that negative thing and DEMAND the love. It will be yours if you demand it of yourself. Don't settle for anything less than TRUE LOVE!

You know best how to love yourself and give yourself true goodness, so be creative and come up with your own personal list of self love techniques. Always ask yourself, "Is this a loving thing to do?" Be honest with yourself and move on to something else if it is not.

Btw, nurturing self love is the epitome of high style and elegance in my opinion. :-)

Please join me as I continue to immerse myself in non-narcissistic self love (in a stylish way of course).

See you next time!

Love always,

Gabriala Brown


Discovering Your Personal Style

by Gabriala Brown from Style Higher™

Posted last May of 2013 and reposted.


The advent of fashion magazines as well as blogs showing the latest trends made it difficult for girls nowadays to define their personal style. The influence of the media combined with TV shows, beauty pageants, and runway modeling seemingly mandate what’s in or out, or what’s hot or not, or what’s beautiful or outdated. We therefore hesitate to express ourselves through our clothes, thinking that comfort must give way to this season’s must-haves. We fail to showcase our own fashion sense because we have the mentality that if it’s not worn by celebrities or featured in Cosmo Magazine then it’s not wearable. Our individuality and uniqueness thus gets obscured by superficial fashion “essentials” that never really display our personal style. 

In order not to lose ourselves with all these shiznit, it’s important that you yourself know what your individual style is. The Huffington Post helped us with this dilemma by telling us how to define our personal style. Check out yours in the following style types: 

1. Chic – for the empowered women who know what they want. If you’re into sharp lines, bold colors and adventurous pieces, you belong to this category. Think Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic, who goes out into the world everyday as if she was personally groomed at a salon and dressed by a dedicated stylist.
2. Classic – for women who love traditional and timeless pieces. Remember Audrey Hepburn’s black dress in her iconic role in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Classic clothes never go out of style, and old souls just love them. 
3. Bohemian – for laid-back ladies who sport eclectic mixes of accessories to go with their outfits. If you’re more into jeans, this is your style. 
4. Avant Garde – artists fit into this class. The creativity of the wearer comes out naturally, usually paired with a dark or black base. Clothes that make a statement are marked by this style type. 
5. Whimsical – for girls who want to have fun. This set has a young and hip feel through mishmashing of patterns and colours. 

After discovering your personal style, try not to have an “identity crisis” by wearing clothes which are just not you. The best fashion statement comes out when you’re just being yourself. 

Until next time,

Style Higher™