Discovering Your Personal Style

by Gabriala Brown from Style Higher™

Posted last May of 2013 and reposted.


The advent of fashion magazines as well as blogs showing the latest trends made it difficult for girls nowadays to define their personal style. The influence of the media combined with TV shows, beauty pageants, and runway modeling seemingly mandate what’s in or out, or what’s hot or not, or what’s beautiful or outdated. We therefore hesitate to express ourselves through our clothes, thinking that comfort must give way to this season’s must-haves. We fail to showcase our own fashion sense because we have the mentality that if it’s not worn by celebrities or featured in Cosmo Magazine then it’s not wearable. Our individuality and uniqueness thus gets obscured by superficial fashion “essentials” that never really display our personal style. 

In order not to lose ourselves with all these shiznit, it’s important that you yourself know what your individual style is. The Huffington Post helped us with this dilemma by telling us how to define our personal style. Check out yours in the following style types: 

1. Chic – for the empowered women who know what they want. If you’re into sharp lines, bold colors and adventurous pieces, you belong to this category. Think Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic, who goes out into the world everyday as if she was personally groomed at a salon and dressed by a dedicated stylist.
2. Classic – for women who love traditional and timeless pieces. Remember Audrey Hepburn’s black dress in her iconic role in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Classic clothes never go out of style, and old souls just love them. 
3. Bohemian – for laid-back ladies who sport eclectic mixes of accessories to go with their outfits. If you’re more into jeans, this is your style. 
4. Avant Garde – artists fit into this class. The creativity of the wearer comes out naturally, usually paired with a dark or black base. Clothes that make a statement are marked by this style type. 
5. Whimsical – for girls who want to have fun. This set has a young and hip feel through mishmashing of patterns and colours. 

After discovering your personal style, try not to have an “identity crisis” by wearing clothes which are just not you. The best fashion statement comes out when you’re just being yourself. 

Until next time,

Style Higher™